St. Michael’s School Advantages

More than 50 years of educational excellence in Lexington

St. Michael’s School has been educating young children since 1960. It has an excellent reputation in Lexington for the students it graduates and sends on to other schools in the community.

A nurturing environment

Our goal at SMS is to create an environment where children feel safe and excited about learning.

Strong academic program

A strong academic program is at the core of our curriculum. Beginning with the three-year-old classes, readiness skills for reading and math form an important part of everyday activities.

Safety First!

Coded door locks help to keep everyone safe. Parents are given their “code” at the beginning of the school year. We also have sign-in and sign-out procedures that are used by parents if their children stay for our extended day program.


Our students are given opportunities to experience music in many ways. Age appropriate instruments are used in biweekly music classes. Two music programs are held each year.


SMS is conscious of the fact that children need to develop both through academics as well as through creative experiences in art and music. A strong art program gives our students opportunities to discover their own artistic talents.

Physical Education

SMS is very aware of the importance of exercise. In biweekly P.E. classes, the children develop their gross motor skills through a variety of fun running, jumping, and throwing activities.


Learning a foreign language is fun! The children at SMS have weekly Spanish lessons during which they will learn colors, numbers, and a variety of phrases through songs and other fun activities.


Each Friday morning all the children and teachers gather together for Chapel. This is a time to learn about about God’s love for us as we sing, listen to stories, and celebrate birthdays. Parents are always welcome.

Learning Center

Permanent activities in the Learning Center include a carpentry table, a light table and housekeeping area. Each month in the Learning Center a different theme is presented through hands-on activities. Classes visit the Learning Center at least once a week.


Every Monday is Library Day. Children go with their class and check out a book for one week.

Field Trips

Field trips may involve the whole school — or just one class. Visiting the Pumpkin Farm and the annual Easter Egg Hunt are two trips that everyone enjoys.

Parent Involvement

We welcome parents at SMS. There are many ways for parents to volunteer their time. Being a “guest reader” for story time or helping with school parties are just a few ways in which parents can become involved.

Extended Day Program

Learn more about our program.